Lunar New Year Dishes Worth Trying

Because of the pandemic, celebrating Lunar New Year with loved ones is more challenging. Nevertheless, there are other ways to celebrate other than gatherings. If you want to try new and interesting dishes for your Lunar New Year dinner, you can try these dishes.

Tteokguk (Korea)

The beef soup with long slices of rice cakes of Tteokguk symbolizes longevity. Shaped like old coins in Korea, the rice cakes also symbolize luck and prosperity for the new year. It is a Korean custom to have this dish on the first morning of the new year and when they add a year to their age. They hope to gain more wisdom as they gain another year in age.

Longevity Noodles (China)

This dish is made of yi mein, golden-yellow egg noodles. Nevertheless, any kind of noodle can be used. That is because noodles generally represent good luck.

Turnip Cakes (Taiwan)

You have likely heard of turnip cakes because these are commonly seen at dim sum restaurants. They are also known as lo bak goh or radish cakes. However, they are not made of turnips. Instead, they are made of rice flour, shredded radish, and lots of dried shrimp, meat, and mushrooms.

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