Is Vaping in Pubs Prohibited? How to Vape Maximally While Indoors

Vaping in Pubs Prohibited

Nowadays, many pubs have banned the use of e-cigarettes while indoors since most customers complain about the vape’s smoke. This is one of the basic contentious problems that many pub owners face Read more here about the vaping in pubs.

However, others have embraced vaping though with strict policies. This implies that laws may differ from one place to the other. And that’s why we wrote the following article to help you understand more about indoor vaping.

Vaping in Pubs

Currently, there are no specific laws that prohibit vaping in pubs, which allows numerous tenanted and independent pubs to set their policies. Therefore, it is always better to ask the manager or the staff about their guidelines.

In 2007, the smoking of cigarettes was banned to prevent non-smokers from suffering any negative effects. However, electronic cigarettes were not included since they were perceived not to cause risks similar to normal cigarettes.

Due to the 2007 ban, it became more difficult to ensure that customers were not smoking indoors. This is because the harmless vapor from e-cigarettes was hard to distinguish from the normal cigarettes’ vapour. With that said, numerous pubs have banned vaping to consider other customers who prefer smoke-free atmospheres.

In most cases, vaping may be completely banned inside, freely allowed indoors, or indoors through some regulations.

How to Vape Discreetly in a Pub

Some pubs usually allow vaping, though with certain guidelines. If that is the case, then you should always vape secretly whilst ensuring that you do not disturb other customers. Therefore, you can try going for a device that is a little more discreet, like a small e-cigarette.

If you wish for a vaping device that will not generate a wide cloud, then you can opt for a smaller MTL device like Vaptio AirGo. Another alternative that will not annoy those around you is a pod vape system like Uwell Caliburn or SMOK Nord 2.

Additionally, you can find a convenient area that is designated for vaping. This can either be an outdoor seating area or a bar’s smoking area. However, always ensure that the smoke does not irritate those around you. For example, try inhaling the vape’s smoke upwards to prevent it from lingering on surfaces or garments.

Etiquette for Indoor Vaping

It is not kind to vape anywhere you please. Simply be considerate of the people around you because some may be irritated or affected by the smoke. Moreover, avoid vaping near someone who is enjoying a meal out.

Factually, it can be intoxicating when billowing huge clouds of vapor. However, this can be very exasperating to many non-smokers or young people. It is best if you simply locate a place where you can vape discreetly without causing any disturbances.

Additionally, always ask and follow all the rules and regulations of a particular pub.


Every person deserves to be in a place where one feels comfortable and content. This is why you need to take extra precautions while vaping indoors. Do not just vape anywhere you desire. Be responsible and caring to the people around you.

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