Coziest Canadian Restaurants to Go in Winter

Spending winter in Canada is a relaxing and enjoyable time. Therefore, this is the perfect season to experience cold and long nights by dining out at these coziest restaurants.

The Nook Chophouse-Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge (Alberta)

If you want to enjoy an evening at a comfy cabin, this restaurant is a great place for that. They serve quality organic meat, local seafood, and wild game. They also have a stone fireplace where you can have cozy conversations. Aside from quality meat, they also have a wide selection of wine that complements their dishes.

Chez Muffy (Quebec City)

This farm-style restaurant in Old Quebec is loved by many. You can enjoy French and Canadian dishes made with ingredients from the hotel’s farm and the historical background of the place. Some dishes you can try here are pan-seared duck foie gras, Quebec cheese platter, and apple cake for dessert.

Maison Boulud (Montreal)

The main attraction of this restaurant is the glass fireplace in the middle between the dining area and the bar. The fireplace makes the place relaxing and homey. Their dishes are as warm as the heat coming from the fireplace, such as their oxtail onion soup with Gruyere cheese.

Modavie (Montreal)

The warm and soulful vibe of this French restaurant makes it ideal for dining in winter. Diners can listen to live bands every night while enjoying dishes such as chicken supreme and Paris tastings. Their winter dishes will make any chilly night warmer.

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