Best Restaurants That Represent Toronto Dining

Toronto is one the most exciting places to dine in Canada because of its rich multicultural history and unique communities. Therefore, many of the restaurants offer a mix of Canadian and foreign cuisines.


Many restaurants focus on trendy ingredients and techniques to succeed. Chiado stands out because they are committed to quality ingredients and a consistent cooking style. This is why they earned a spot in the 100 best restaurants of Toronto Life. People can enjoy seafood such as grilled tiger shrimps and grouper carpaccios. Their dishes complement their extensive collection of wines.

Drake Hotel Restaurant

The Drake Hotel restaurant, operated by one of the wealthiest hotel groups in Toronto, is a culinary powerhouse. Before the pandemic, they hosted special events offering themed cooking contests that people could go to. Even though it has to be stopped temporarily, they have a rooftop dining space that is worth trying. People can try their fabulous burgers and spritz while enjoying the view.

Lai Wah Heen

Lai Wah Heen is considered the best dim sum restaurant in Toronto. What makes the experience more special is its old-school vibe. They serve sampling dishes such as wontons and spare ribs. They are also known for their elegant Peking ducks that people can take home.

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