The Best Patio Restaurants in Toronto to Enjoy Unlimited Sushi

Patio restaurants are finally operating, so unlimited sushi is back for people to enjoy. If you are in Toronto, you can have an unlimited feast at these restaurants. Some of these restaurants are expensive, and some are on the more affordable side.


This sushi restaurant can satisfy all your sushi cravings. That is because of their wide skewer and dessert selection.

Spring Sushi

This amazing elevated patio restaurant in Toronto offers unlimited sushi in the sky. If you want to take a sip, they offer a lot of cocktails on their menu that are ideal in summer.

K&B Sushi

This is the restaurant to go to for unlimited food and fresh air. You can enjoy a wide range of dishes such as Japanese and Thai cuisines.

August 8

You will not have a problem enjoying sushi under the sunlight at this restaurant. They have Japanese dishes and dim sums.

Sparkly Restaurant

You can order different dishes from their menu, such as curry, noodles, and sushi, among many others.

168 Sushi Buffet

From the name itself, the restaurant takes pride in serving 168 different dishes. Therefore, it is recommended to visit this patio hungry to enjoy these dishes.

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