A First Look at the New Toronto Beach Club

Vibrant cocktails, yummy food, and a European feel are what the new Toronto Beach Club can offer its visitors. When you come here, you will feel like you are on a mini European vacation. Continue reading to have a glimpse of the new Toronto Beach Club.
The design of the restaurant will make you feel like you are out on a Mediterranean adventure. It makes you feel like you are far from Toronto and all the restrictions there. The pastel interiors and floor-to-ceiling windows with a view of the water make it possible.
Chef Ted Corrado, formerly part of the Drake and Summerhill Market in Toronto, …

Lunar New Year Dishes Worth Trying

Because of the pandemic, celebrating Lunar New Year with loved ones is more challenging. Nevertheless, there are other ways to celebrate other than gatherings. If you want to try new and interesting dishes for your Lunar New Year dinner, you can try these dishes.
Tteokguk (Korea)
The beef soup with long slices of rice cakes of Tteokguk symbolizes longevity. Shaped like old coins in Korea, the rice cakes also symbolize luck and prosperity for the new year. It is a Korean custom to have this dish on the first morning of the new year and when they add a year to their age. They hope to gain more wisdom as they gain another year…

Coziest Canadian Restaurants to Go in Winter

Spending winter in Canada is a relaxing and enjoyable time. Therefore, this is the perfect season to experience cold and long nights by dining out at these coziest restaurants.
The Nook Chophouse-Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge (Alberta)
If you want to enjoy an evening at a comfy cabin, this restaurant is a great place for that. They serve quality organic meat, local seafood, and wild game. They also have a stone fireplace where you can have cozy conversations. Aside from quality meat, they also have a wide selection of wine that complements their dishes.
Chez Muffy (Quebec City)
This farm-style restaurant in Old…

Best Restaurants That Represent Toronto Dining

Toronto is one the most exciting places to dine in Canada because of its rich multicultural history and unique communities. Therefore, many of the restaurants offer a mix of Canadian and foreign cuisines.
Many restaurants focus on trendy ingredients and techniques to succeed. Chiado stands out because they are committed to quality ingredients and a consistent cooking style. This is why they earned a spot in the 100 best restaurants of Toronto Life. People can enjoy seafood such as grilled tiger shrimps and grouper carpaccios. Their dishes complement their extensive collection of wines.