An Increase in the Job Demand in the Restaurant Industry Is a Good Sign for Canada’s Recovery

Because some provinces have more lenient Covid-19 restrictions, Canadian restaurants are providing more employment. This is believed to be a good sign of recovery for the industry that was affected the most by the pandemic.

In recent weeks, employment in the food service and preparations sectors has increased. According to Indeed Canada, there is an increase of 37%. This figure shows that the industry has exceeded the broader economy at the beginning of the pandemic.

Restaurants and bars have been allowed to operate after a period of closure because of the decrease in Covid-19 cases and increase in vaccination. Patio dining is allowed in Ontario. Some cities in Quebec have less strict restrictions making it possible for people to dine there.

There is an increase in the need for kitchen assistants, servers, and bartenders. The food accommodation sector, which has the most number of jobs lost because of the pandemic, is getting ready to return in the following months since the country is succeeding over the virus and gradually reopening. At the beginning of the pandemic, 64% of the 571,000 jobs that need to be regained are from this industry.

This demand for workers is so fast, so it might cause businesses to have difficulties hiring new workers. Indeed Canada analyzed job searches in the country and found that working in the foodservice sector is lower than before the pandemic. Some employees may have decided to leave the industry because of the business closures that lasted for a long time in some cities. Other reasons could be the ample support they get from the government or the risk of getting infected when they return to work.

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