Best Vietnamese Restaurant Toronto

Even if you have the best rice cooker and love homemade food, sometimes you just want to indulge. Craving a big bowl of pho or Thai dishes? Or have your taste buds longed for the fresh, vibrant flavors of Vietnamese cuisine?
The problem is, with so many options for Vietnamese restaurants in Toronto, how do you choose? Look no further; we’ve got the inside scoop on the absolute best spot in the city to satisfy your craving for Vietnamese food.
There are hidden gems in the heart of Toronto that will transport you to …

Vaping in Pubs Prohibited

Is Vaping in Pubs Prohibited? How to Vape Maximally While Indoors

Nowadays, many pubs have banned the use of e-cigarettes while indoors since most customers complain about the vape’s smoke. This is one of the basic contentious problems that many pub owners face Read more here about the vaping in pubs.
However, others have embraced vaping though with strict policies. This implies that laws may differ from one place to the other. And that’s why we wrote the following article to help you understand more about indoor vaping.
Vaping in Pubs
Currently, there are no specific laws that prohibit vaping in pubs, which allows numerous tenanted and …

The Best Patio Restaurants in Toronto to Enjoy Unlimited Sushi

Patio restaurants are finally operating, so unlimited sushi is back for people to enjoy. If you are in Toronto, you can have an unlimited feast at these restaurants. Some of these restaurants are expensive, and some are on the more affordable side.
This sushi restaurant can satisfy all your sushi cravings. That is because of their wide skewer and dessert selection.
Spring Sushi
This amazing elevated patio restaurant in Toronto offers unlimited sushi in the sky. If you want to take a sip, they offer a lot of cocktails on their menu that are ideal in summer.
K&B Sushi
This is the …

A New Toronto Beach Club to Look Forward to in Summer

This summer, there is a new restaurant coming to Toronto. You will surely not want to miss it if you are in the area. Woodbine Beach is where the Toronto Beach Club is officially opening.
You do not need to leave the country to enjoy Mediterranean dishes. They offer Cavatelli with Merguez Ragu, Avocado Labneh, Caper Leaf, and Branzino with Pickled Chili on their menu. The dishes are made using the freshest ingredients that are sourced locally and abroad. Therefore, you can expect a whole new level of Mediterranean experience in their food without the travel expense.
Hanif Harji and Scale Hospitality is the restaurateur behind…

A First Look at the New Toronto Beach Club

Vibrant cocktails, yummy food, and a European feel are what the new Toronto Beach Club can offer its visitors. When you come here, you will feel like you are on a mini European vacation. Continue reading to have a glimpse of the new Toronto Beach Club.
The design of the restaurant will make you feel like you are out on a Mediterranean adventure. It makes you feel like you are far from Toronto and all the restrictions there. The pastel interiors and floor-to-ceiling windows with a view of the water make it possible.
Chef Ted Corrado, formerly part of the Drake and Summerhill Market in Toronto, …